I ran for MP Wundanyi Constituency because I had a plan to transform this great  Constituency. My vision is closely tied to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Kenya Vision 2030 whose overall goal is “to give every Kenyan a better standard of living”, to ensure that every constituent has a secure and quality life.

In 2018 I launched Wundanyi Constituency Strategic Plan 2018-2022, which outlines  my vision and plan into specific objectives and actionable projects through which my vision will be realized. The key objective of the Plan is to provide strategic direction by outlining priority areas, strategies and estimated costs. The Implementation Matrix captures the key result areas, targeted deliverables and performance indicators that facilitate monitoring and evaluating of the Strategic Plan.

This vision is to be realised through transparent and efficient utilisation of public resources and public participation in projects and processes aimed at dealing with the challenges we face.

I hereby commit to deliver my Campaign promises including Sima Wukiwa, BoreshaMatokeo & Mtimtoto initiatives, to fully address abject poverty, while enhancing our pool of professionals as we also grow a generation that will be conscious of matters environment in an effort to make Wundanyi constituency green again.

As your representative, I commit to ensure that national allocations to the NG-CDF kitty are used in a transparent, open, fair and accountable manner for the benefit of all constituents. I will steer the various stakeholders to ensure equitable distribution of resources and development initiatives across the constituency.

I will work closely with all stakeholders & special groups including the youth, women, PWDs, the elderly, the business community, The Taita-Taveta County Government, National Government Agencies, NGOs and other actors through mutual partnerships to deliver on my mandate to the citizens of this great constituency.

As your Servant, I am personally committed to deliver all my promises that I hard earlier outlined during my campaign period. I welcome all constituents to support and participate in full implementation of the plan, to address the myriad challenges we face, transform Wundanyi and eradicate absolute poverty.

Welcome to Wundanyi Constituency,  a land of bountiful natural beauty with plenty of fascinating places to explore.

Chawuchenyi Wandu Wapo.

Hon. Danson Mwashako Mwakuwona


To improve and secure the quality of life of the people of Wundanyi Constituency by promoting participatory and sustainable development

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We aim to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of Wundanyi residents, by prudently and equitably allocating resources.

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Core Values

• We are Accountable.
• We value Integrity.
• We are devoted to Wundanyi above all.
• We adopt Innovativeness.
• We are Inclusive.
• We believe in Trans formative leadership.
• We believe in teamwork.t

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Empowering Lives Of Wundanyi Constituency Residence.